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Building Relationships

When your SureKap equipment ships, our relationship is only beginning. We’re dedicated to ensuring long term customer success – You can always count on SureKap to support you and your investment. Our service department is always available to offer our customers an array of support options whether it’s set up, technical, replacement parts, or new equipment sales.

Technical Support

In need of technical support or have questions about your SureKap equipment? We welcome your call to our Winder, Georgia manufacturing location at 770-867-5793. Regular business hours are 8:30 am – 5:00 pm EST, Monday through Friday.

Our highly-qualified and skilled Technical Support Representatives are on hand each day to help troubleshoot, problem-solve, and keep your line up and running. You’ll be glad to know we maintain a detailed database of information and images (including electronic CAD files) and an extensive inventory of parts for every machine built by SureKap. 


Don’t lose valuable production time waiting for a replacement or changing parts. You have access to SureKap’s huge inventory of parts. Whether you wish to order by part number or description we’re ready to help determine the right part for your equipment. Most orders are shipped complete and available for next-day arrival. When you need parts assistance call us at 770-867-5793 or send an email to

Customer Testimonials

“A SureKap service technician came out and really helped us with our capper today.  He helped us solve all of the major pain points we were dealing with on our system and also explained a great deal about the machine to me and the others working with the machine. I can honestly say it is running better than I have ever seen in the past 5 years I have worked at Polywater.”

           – American Polywater Corporation

“The SureKap service technician was absolutely fantastic, courteous, professional, personable, knowledgeable, informative, patient, eager to share his knowledge, answered questions.  He is truly an asset to your company. He was a pleasure to be around, he wouldn’t talk down to the people he was training, he would talk through what he was doing and why. I am very happy with his service and Thank you guys for sending him. He just finished up and left the facility.  The new machine he didn’t have to do much to (thankfully) but the old one, that was another story but it’s capping like a new one now.”

          – Hodgdon Powder Company

“I would like to say that it was a pleasure to have a SureKap service technician in our plant. He was very knowledgeable of the machines and very willing to help and teach. He was also very detailed oriented in his approach to setting up the machines.”

          – OWS Foods

“Please pass along to whoever might need to hear it… Your service technician was an absolute pleasure to work with. He obviously knew his stuff, and he explained things to us in plain English so that we can apply it. We’re already seeing a huge improvement in the performance of our capper.”

          – IBC Manufacturing 




Although all SureKap equipment is designed to be flexible, you will want to consult with a SureKap associate to insure the best fit for your particular project. You are welcome to either:
Submit the online quotation request form on this website or
Simply call 770-307-4755 to speak directly to a SureKap associate who will guide you through the selection process.
Based on the particulars of your project, SureKap will find the machine that offers the most flexibility, ease of changeover, and value for your equipment needs.

Your SureKap associate will be glad to provide you with a preliminary quotation based on the information you provide from the online quotation request form or during your telephone discussion with the associate. This quotation will be subject to sample and completed data sheet approval. In order to provide you with the most accurate pricing, we always prefer to have samples of the caps, containers, and product prior to providing a quotation for a project. Based on our extensive experience with a wide variety of applications, we can usually provide a quotation based on a sample set of approximately 2-3 of each bottle and cap along with a small sample of product. For evaluation purposes, samples should be sent to: SureKap Inc, 579 Barrow Park Dr, Winder, GA 30680

In general terms, a semi-automatic machine will require the participation of an operator to perform each product cycle. For instance, a semi-automatic filler such as the SKF4000 will require an operator to line-up the bottles under the filling heads and manually start each fill cycle by engaging the start button or depressing the foot switch. Similarly, a cap tightener like the SK600 will require an operator to hand place and start caps prior to the application of torque by the tightener. Semi-automatic equipment is an excellent solution for production lines that have previously been handled on a purely manual basis, but increased volume demands the assistance of some automation. Also, semi-automatic equipment is useful when a facility performs frequent short-production runs or odd-lot runs that would not justify the use of the fully automatic line. Fully Automatic Equipment is beneficial when speeds have reached the point where manual labor needs to be minimized as much as possible in order to keep up with higher production demands. Although most facilities will assign someone to monitor the line, the need for hands on labor for each production cycle is largely eliminated with fully automatic equipment. This reduction in labor can result in dramatic savings that makes the payback period on an equipment purchase surprisingly brief.

As described above, customers will need to make an initial choice between semi-automatic or automatic equipment. However, the selection of semi-automatic equipment does not necessarily mean the equipment will need to be permanently run on a semi-automatic basis. SureKap designs all equipment to allow for easy upgrade from semi-automatic to fully automatic. In some cases, such an upgrade can be done in the field, but it is often recommended that customers take advantage of the skills of a SureKap technician by returning the equipment to SureKap for a brief period to complete the upgrade process.

The purchase process is actually quite simple. The following items are necessary to complete an order and start the lead time:
Bulk samples (typically consisting of 1,500 of each cap and 12 of each container for a capper order; 24 of each container and a small sample of each product for a filler order)
Completed data sheet (s) and/or turntable orientation guide which will be provided with your quotation Deposit Signed acceptance copy of the quotation or a copy of your Purchase Order.
SureKap will always strive to expedite your equipment order as much as possible. However, all of the above specified items are essential to allow for the start of your order. For planning purposes, you should plan for an equipment completion date based on the quoted lead time with the start date determined by the date that all of the above items are received by Surekap.

SureKap has earned one of the best reputations in the industry for courteous service that quickly provides you the accurate and detailed information you need to insure maximum efficiency for your equipment. Our expert technicians are always standing by to handle all your service related needs including start-up assistance, maintenance, and customized solutions. At our Winder, GA production facility, we maintain an extensive record of each machine produced including precise measurements, pictures, and representative samples. This attention to detail enables our technicians to routinely provide the solution you need based on the free telephone support we offer with each machine. SureKap technicians are also available to provide routine maintenance, upgrades, and other service for the equipment in your plant based on our standard service call rate. Please call 770-867-5793 to see why SureKap service is regarded so highly by customers that expect the best.

SureKap maintains a complete inventory of the most common spare parts needed for your equipment. Contact our service department to order parts through this link Quote for Parts, by phone at 770-867-5793 or via e-mail at

For in-stock items, parts are usually shipped the same day as ordered if the order is placed by 2:00 PM. A SureKap associate will advise the lead time for custom items.

SureKap offers an industry-leading warranty of 3 years on new machines from date of shipment, based on one 8-hour shift per day. Terms and exclusions apply. Ask your SureKap sales representative for details. 


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