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If you’re looking for the perfect capping machine for bottles, SureKap can help you with your automatic bottle capping machine needs. Our expertise with inline capping machines is second to none. We manufacture a wide variety of heavy-duty inline capping equipment that meets the requirements of most cap types, shapes and sizes.

Choose from our range of bottle capping machines to handle most continuous thread or snap cap applications or contact us to discuss your needs.

Types of Capping Machines:

Spindle Cappers, Snap Cappers, Benchtop Cappers

Types of Caps:

Threaded, Press-on, Trigger Sprayer, Dropper, and Pump Caps

Industries Served with Capping Machines:

Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical, Chemical, Cannabis, Contract Packaging

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A semiautomatic, straight-line, six-spindle cap tightener and retorquer, the SK600 can handle all standard cap torquing duties.
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Based on a heavy-duty stainless steel frame, our fully automatic capper utilizes the latest technology to automatically place and precisely torque a wide spectrum of cap types onto virtually any bottle type.
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The SK6000X-BF6 is a fully automatic, inline, six-spindle capper designed for large-cap applications.
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The SK1000 snap capper is an ultra-versatile applicator of all shapes and sizes of snap-on, press-on, and roll-on caps. Learn More >>


A fully automatic, straight line, six-spindle capper with a new non-vibratory, high-speed belt feeder that eliminates vibratory bowls, overhead hopper loading, and time-consuming changeovers on a range of flat caps.
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SK6000-18 CAPPER

The fully automatic, straight-line, six-spindle SK6000-18 capper features a head-mounted heavy-duty C-chute. Learn More>>


Designed for special applications and high speed, the SK6000-SP is a fully automatic, straight-line, six-spindle capper with a heavy-duty, head-mounted straight chute.
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Designed as a bench mount, semi-automatic cap tightener, the SK-CT90 reliably and accurately tightens any continuous thread caps (including child-proof).
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SureKap Stocking Program

SureKap keeps a small inventory of capping machines ready for immediate purchase to ensure flexibility and quick turnaround times. These brand-new machines undergo final setup based on customer needs and can be shipped within two weeks. They are also complete with SureKap’s industry-leading 3-year warranty.Along with our financing partners, SureKap can offer a wide array of flexible payment solutions, including:

  • Capital leases
  • Operating leases
  • Term loans

Accelerate your return on investment with low, monthly, fixed payments!

Types of Capping Machine

Spindle Cappers

A spindle capper is a packaging machine that automatically secures caps onto bottles or containers. It uses rotating spindles to apply consistent torque, ensuring a tight seal. The machine accommodates a wide variety of cap sizes and shapes with minimal changeover effort, making it ideal for high-speed production lines and enhancing efficiency and product integrity.

Capping machine

Snap Capper

A snap capper is a packaging machine that applies snap-on caps to containers. It uses pressure to securely snap caps in place, ensuring a secure, reliable seal. Ideal for plastic containers and high-speed production lines, it enhances efficiency by quickly and consistently capping various container sizes.

Bench Capper

A bench capper is a compact, manually operated device that seals bottles with caps. Mounted on a workbench, it provides leverage to press or screw caps onto bottles securely. Ideal for small-scale production or home use, it ensures consistent sealing and is suitable for various cap and bottle types.


Types of Caps

Flat Caps

Flat caps are screw-on closures commonly used for beverages and condiments. The flat top surface makes them easy to manufacture and use. You can apply most flat caps using a SureKap automatic capper. SureKap developed the SK6000X-BF6 with a unique cap alignment system for reliable and cost-effective performance to prevent cross-threading issues with large-diameter caps.

Child-Resistant Caps

Child-resistant caps, essential for securing products like medications and household chemicals, require specific actions to open. They are designed with additional safety features to prevent accidental access by children. SureKap cappers can effectively apply these caps using a device that presses down on the cap while the spindles tighten it.

Sports Caps / Push-Pull Caps

Sports or push-pull caps feature an easily operable spout for use on sports and water bottles, making drinking on the move convenient. The SureKap SK6000-SP automatic capper, equipped with a vibratory bowl for sorting and aligning, is ideal for applying these caps.


Tamper-Evident Caps

Tamper-evident caps have a security feature that shows visible signs if tampering has occurred, ensuring the safety of food and beverage products. While their application is similar to flat caps, it can be complicated by unique tamper-evident band configurations, requiring careful handling to avoid damage. We designed SureKap’s SK6000-BF6 and SK6000X-BF6 automatic cappers to apply most tamper-evident caps efficiently.

Flip-Top Caps

Flip-top caps, featuring a hinged lid for one-handed use, are commonly used on products like ketchup bottles and shampoos. Automatic application typically requires a vibratory bowl for sorting and alignment. In some cases, the SK6000-BF6 capper is ideal for caps with a diameter equal to or greater than their height.

Flip Top

Pump Dispensers

Pump dispensers, used for liquids like lotions and soaps, feature a screw-on cap with an integrated pump. Pump dispensers are common in personal care and cleaning products. Due to the protruding dip tube, SureKap cannot apply these pumps automatically. Instead, the SK600 cap tightener is ideal for tightening pumps onto bottles after manual insertion.


Trigger Sprayers

Trigger sprayers for spraying liquids like cleaning solutions feature a screw-on cap with a trigger mechanism. Similar to pump dispensers, SureKap cannot automatically apply these sprayers; however, the SK600 cap tightener is ideal for securing them after manual insertion. A unique thread-start guide simplifies the process, allowing users to drop the sprayers into the bottle without engaging the threads.


Yorker Caps

Yorker caps, featuring a narrow spout for controlled pouring, are ideal for condiments, paints, and adhesives. They offer precision and spill prevention. The SureKap SK6000-SP automatic capper, equipped with a vibratory bowl for sorting and alignment, is the ideal solution for applying these caps.

Lug Caps

Lug caps, used on glass jars for products like pickles and jams, feature angled metal tabs that grip the container threads as you twist the cap. SureKap advises using a KC-15 digital torque monitor on machines designed for lug capping to prevent damage from excessive application torque. The SK6000-BF6 automatic capper can reliably apply these caps with active torque monitoring.


Disc Caps

Disc caps, featuring a flip-open lid for controlled dispensing, are commonly used in personal care products like shampoo and lotion. Depending on the cap’s balance, SureKap may recommend using either the SK6000-BF6 or SK6000-SP with a vibratory bowl for automatic application.


Capping Machines - Industries Served

Food & Beverage

The use of automatic bottle capping machines in the food and beverage industry streamlines processes and ensures fast, consistent, and secure bottle sealing. These machines enhance production efficiency, reduce labor costs, and maintain product integrity. They support high-volume production by accommodating various cap types and sizes while ensuring safety and hygiene standards.

Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical

Automatic bottle capping machines enhance the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries by ensuring precise, secure, and contamination-free bottle sealing. They boost production efficiency, maintain consistent quality, and comply with stringent regulatory standards. These machines handle various cap styles and sizes, supporting high-speed operations while safeguarding product integrity and safety.


It is crucial to use automatic bottle capping machines in the chemical industry. These machines provide efficient, reliable, and precise container-sealing solutions. They also ensure consistent torque application, preventing leaks and contamination. These machines can handle various chemical products and enhance production efficiency and safety while complying with industry regulations.


The cannabis industry uses automatic bottle capping machines to ensure efficient, consistent, and compliant packaging of cannabis products. They facilitate the precision and reliability of sealing various types of containers, such as vials, jars, and bottles. By automating the capping process, these machines increase productivity, reduce labor costs, and maintain product integrity. Additionally, they help ensure compliance with regulations regarding product safety and packaging standards, contributing to the overall growth and professionalism of the cannabis industry.

Contract Packaging

To handle diverse packaging needs efficiently, the contract packaging industry uses automatic bottle capping machines. They offer flexibility to cap various bottle sizes and types, accommodating different client requirements. These machines streamline production, reduce labor costs, and ensure consistent quality, allowing contract packaging companies to meet tight deadlines while maintaining high standards. Additionally, their versatility enables contract packagers to serve a wide range of industries with precision and efficiency, enhancing their competitiveness in the market.


Although all SureKap equipment is designed to be flexible, you will want to consult with a SureKap associate to insure the best fit for your particular project. You are welcome to either:
Submit the online quotation request form on this website or
Simply call 770-307-4755 to speak directly to a SureKap associate who will guide you through the selection process.
Based on the particulars of your project, SureKap will find the machine that offers the most flexibility, ease of changeover, and value for your equipment needs.

Your SureKap associate will be glad to provide you with a preliminary quotation based on the information you provide from the online quotation request form or during your telephone discussion with the associate. This quotation will be subject to sample and completed data sheet approval. In order to provide you with the most accurate pricing, we always prefer to have samples of the caps, containers, and product prior to providing a quotation for a project. Based on our extensive experience with a wide variety of applications, we can usually provide a quotation based on a sample set of approximately 2-3 of each bottle and cap along with a small sample of product. For evaluation purposes, samples should be sent to: SureKap Inc, 579 Barrow Park Dr, Winder, GA 30680

In general terms, a semi-automatic machine will require the participation of an operator to perform each product cycle. For instance, a semi-automatic capping machine such as the SK600 will require an operator to  manually place a cap on  each bottle and engage the thread. The tightener will then apply torque to complete the capping process. Semi-automatic equipment is an excellent solution for production lines that have previously been handled on a purely manual basis, but increased volume demands the assistance of some automation. Also, semi-automatic equipment is useful when a facility performs frequent short-production runs or odd-lot runs that would not justify the use of the fully automatic line. Fully Automatic Equipment is beneficial when speeds have reached the point where manual labor needs to be minimized as much as possible in order to keep up with higher production demands. Although most facilities will assign someone to monitor the line, the need for hands on labor for each production cycle is largely eliminated with fully automatic equipment. This reduction in labor can result in dramatic savings that makes the payback period on an equipment purchase surprisingly brief.

As described above, customers will need to make an initial choice between semi-automatic or automatic equipment. However, the selection of semi-automatic equipment does not necessarily mean the equipment will need to be permanently run on a semi-automatic basis. SureKap designs all equipment to allow for easy upgrade from semi-automatic to fully automatic. In some cases, such an upgrade can be done in the field, but it is often recommended that customers take advantage of the skills of a SureKap technician by returning the equipment to SureKap for a brief period to complete the upgrade process.

The purchase process is actually quite simple. The following items are necessary to complete an order and start the lead time:
Bulk samples (typically consisting of 1,500 of each cap and 12 of each container for a capper order; 24 of each container and a small sample of each product for a filler order)
Completed data sheet (s) and/or turntable orientation guide which will be provided with your quotation Deposit Signed acceptance copy of the quotation or a copy of your Purchase Order.
SureKap will always strive to expedite your equipment order as much as possible. However, all of the above specified items are essential to allow for the start of your order. For planning purposes, you should plan for an equipment completion date based on the quoted lead time with the start date determined by the date that all of the above items are received by Surekap.

SureKap has earned one of the best reputations in the industry for courteous service that quickly provides you the accurate and detailed information you need to insure maximum efficiency for your equipment. Our expert technicians are always standing by to handle all your service related needs including start-up assistance, maintenance, and customized solutions. At our Winder, GA production facility, we maintain an extensive record of each machine produced including precise measurements, pictures, and representative samples. This attention to detail enables our technicians to routinely provide the solution you need based on the free telephone support we offer with each machine. SureKap technicians are also available to provide routine maintenance, upgrades, and other service for the equipment in your plant based on our standard service call rate. Please call 770-867-5793 to see why SureKap service is regarded so highly by customers that expect the best.

SureKap maintains a complete inventory of the most common spare parts needed for your equipment. Contact our service department to order parts through this link Quote for Parts, by phone at 770-867-5793 or via e-mail at

For in-stock items, parts are usually shipped the same day as ordered if the order is placed by 2:00 PM. A SureKap associate will advise the lead time for custom items.

SureKap offers an industry-leading warranty of 3 years on new machines from date of shipment, based on one 8-hour shift per day. Terms and exclusions apply. Ask your SureKap sales representative for details. 

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