SureKap - Fills Right. Caps Tight.


Gallery of Samples

SureKap specializes in building machines that handle wide varieties of bottles and caps... no matter the shape, size or type you are challenged with. Check out some of the samples that we have handled with ease.



415 Disk Top Caps

CRC Caps

CRC Caps

415 Caps

Automotive Additive Containers

Dispensing Caps

Dispensing Caps

38 Tamper Evident

Nalgene Bottles & Caps

Brake Fluid Bottles

Small Jars

Soap Dispensing Containers

410 Caps


Flip Top Caps

Sifter Caps

Oil Containers


Large Diameter Caps

Yorker Caps

Packer Bottles
with 400 Caps


Water Bottles & Caps

Side Handle
Containers 1

Side Handle
Containers 2


F Style Containers 1

F Style Containers 2