SureKap Explains High Standards for Its ECS Philosophy



WINDER, GA/ October 1, 2006/ SureKap Inc.

Celebrating 20 years of packaging equipment manufacturing, Surekap continues its position as a visionary leader in the packaging industry and as a provider of Extraordinary Customer Service.

"Every business depends on a network of resources and vendors to be dependable and reliable and very good with communications", commented Greg Raines, Jr., president of SureKap. "We know that results are positive for everyone involved when we provide the type of service we expect from others" added Raines.

To maintain high satisfaction marks, SureKap plans to survey and evaluate service and support experiences with a wide sampling of customers in 2007. "We have set the bar high for ourselves when it comes to supporting and satisfying customers, because we are striving to be in a class above all others", said Raines. "When you have a good reputation like we do, we have to aim to meet or exceed expectations with every opportunity".

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