SureKap - Fills Right. Caps Tight.



"We've been very happy with our purchase of a SureKap capper and in-line filler. Great quality, great workmanship, user friendly design, quick changeovers and an excellent service department have made this a very pleasant experience. The entire SureKap team is very professional and I highly recommend them. Even though we are 2,000 miles away and in another country, our future bottling equipment purchases will be with SureKap."

Tom Zaffis
L.B. Maple Treat, Inc.

"We bought our first SureKap capper over three years ago. Since that time, we've added two more production lines which included two new SureKap machines. While I thought their first capper was one of the best built in the industry, they've made their new models a step better."

-Jonathon Compton
Gilchrist & Soames, USA

"You guys did a beautiful job. Right down to the shipping crates!"

George Meliado,
GEM Packaging Systems, Inc.